Considering an Estate Sale or Business Liquidation Service?

Downsizing or liquidating an Estate or Business can be a daunting task. Whether you’re the owner, executor of an estate, heir, fiduciary, or attorney, you’ll want to start by speaking with an experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured professional. Taking advantage of Tryans Online Auctions' free in-home consultation service will provide you with information and recommendations tailored to your particular circumstances. Our services range from appraising the property within the residence to taking a few items on consignment, to liquidating the entire estate or business.

Not sure where to start? We are here to help you every step of the way!

Online-Auction Estate Sale Services:

Online estate sale auctions have become increasingly popular due to their ability to reach a wider audience while fulfilling the needs of the seller by completely liquidating all items for sale and leaving the residence almost entirely empty! There is no need to open the home or residence to hundreds of shoppers, as individuals interested in particular items can conveniently search online and competitively bid on them from their phone or computer. At the conclusion of the online auction process (typically about 3 days), winning bidders show up according to schedule and remove the items they’ve won. We do all the work by taking photos of the items to be sold, cataloging them, writing the descriptions, uploading the auction to the internet, advertising, and providing staff to direct and assist buyers in safely removing the items they’ve won. The benefits of an online auction over a traditional estate sale include:

  • 100% accountability of all items sold. Sellers may view the auction before, during, and after to review what is being sold, what the activity looks like, and eventually the price realized at the close of the auction.
  • Fair pricing. Hundreds and even thousands of buyers compete to purchase items rather than items being sold to the first person through the door.
  • Loss prevention. Reduces the opportunity for loss due to damage or theft.
  • Less traffic in the home. Preserves the property (residence), by restricting access to only individuals who have purchased items.
  • Low-key. Eliminates the need to conduct a multi-day estate sale which can induce unwanted attention, neighborhood traffic congestion, and ‘lookie-loos’ from wandering inside the residence.
  • Most everything sells. Unlike traditional estate sales that leave ‘money on the table’ – online auctions are efficient and effective, typically selling 99% of the items offered for sale.
  • Broadens the market by offering convenient online bidding. Bidders may bid from their computer or mobile device from the convenience of their homes.
  • Too far away to attend a traditional estate sale? No problem! Online bidding removes the distance barrier. Local bidders do not have to drive 20 miles to find out the item they were interested in purchasing had already sold. Bidders living in other states or countries may bid on items and have them shipped to them at their expense.
  • Levels the playing field. "In order to get a great deal at an estate sale you can’t be early – you have to be FIRST!" Online auction estate sales level the playing field for everyone and do not penalize or alienate those unwilling to get up early and get their name on the ‘sign-up sheet’ on the first day of the sale.
  • Peace of mind for Estate Administrator (fiduciary, executor, etc.). Estate administrators take on the moral and legal responsibility of protecting the assets of an estate and making fair distributions of property. Online auctions offer a transparent process for stakeholders to have an opportunity to witness the liquidation process, relieving the estate administrator of the responsibility of accounting for what is sold and for how much. Online auctions also provide a fair means for family and friends to purchase items of either sentimental or material value that the administrator is unable or unwilling to distribute to them directly.

Only have a few items to sell?


We have professional appraisers on staff who can assess and accept your items by appointment for inclusion into one of our gallery auctions. Items we typically accept for consignment include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicles, Motorcycles, Motorized Equipment
  • Boats, Trailers, RV's, ATV's
  • Sporting Goods ( Tryans Online Auctions is a Licensed Federal Fire Arms Dealer)
  • Tools
  • Contractor & Building Supplies
  • Jewelry (Costume, Designer, Gold, Silver & Gems)
  • Watches
  • Coins
  • Militaria
  • Musical Instruments
  • Mid-Century Furniture and Décor
  • Vintage Collectibles
  • Americana & Advertising 
  • Hunting & Fishing Equipment
  • Crocks and Primitives
  • Unique and Unusual
  • Vintage Toys
  • All Things Valuable or Collectible!
  • AND MORE… (Please ask!)

Interested in conducting your own Seller-Managed online auction?

Seller-Managed Online Auction:

Our innovative online auction software is specifically designed to enable you to create, manage, and execute your very own online auction. Whether it’s an estate sale online auction, a benefit online auction, or a business needing to liquidate we will provide you with the necessary training and tools to make you look and feel like a pro! 

Take a day to process your items, a week, or longer. Once you’re ready for the auction to go live let us know and we will review it with you, launch it, and ensure it gets the marketing exposure it deserves! We provide you the link to your auction so you can share it via your own social media networks and online resources. At the conclusion of the auction, we immediately process the winning bidders’ payment via their credit card on file. We provide you with the winning bidder’s invoices so you may identify the items purchased and assist them in retrieving their goods during your scheduled pickup hours. It’s that easy!

Within 3 business days of the auction close, we will send you a check and a settlement sheet with a full accounting of the auction results.